Property Owners / Developers

Property owners and developers face a number of traditional exposures ranging from risks such as fire, water and impact damage through to loss of income, machinery breakdown and liability claims arising from personal injury. In addition there is a considerable but often uninsured exposure against the fines and penalties brought about by actual and potential breaches of a range of changing legislation.

Exposures and therefore risk rating changes significantly due to construction, occupation, geographic location, fire and security protection, and classification (i.e. Heritage and National Trust Classifications).

At Perrymans we have had significant experience with developers and owners alike with large scale property portfolios in the retail shopping, industrial and commercial office areas.

We have the necessary markets and experience to advise on and develop risk protection from construction stage through to finished tenanted structures, for varying construction methods including modern, substandard and heritage-listed properties.

We understand that your risk protection program potentially has a significant impact on the capital value of your property, and we will work with you to find solutions to meet your needs.