Import / Export

Much like manufacturing, Import / Export businesses cover a hugely diverse range of product types and each faces their own unique set of risks.

For importers, the Trade Practices Act stipulates that if a corporation imports goods into Australia and was not the manufacturer of those goods, and if at the time of the importation the manufacturer of the goods does not have a place of business in Australia, the corporation importing the goods shall be deemed by the Act to be the actual manufacturer. Depending on the product imported, you then need to ensure that the product and its packaging comply with the relevant laws.

Accordingly there are significant risks to consider including transit risks; damage to plant and property at your own premises; resulting business interruption at your own or suppliers’ premises ; environmental; breach of legislation; product liability including claims arising out of personal injury and or damage to other property and product recall; and crime and trade credit risks.

Perrymans have experience in a broad range of import / export risks and through our in-depth client risk analysis we work with clients to identify the risks and advise , structure and market the appropriate risk protection to deliver the optimum protection and cost outcome.