Why Choose Perrymans?

We Act For You

From the negotiation of the terms of cover through to the settlement of your claim we represent you.

Experienced and Specialised Brokers

We all know that experience leads to a better outcome. The right people with the right processes delivers the right result, saving you time, money and complication.

We focus on advisory and placement services in the Professional and Financial Risks, Corporate and Business Sectors advising a broad range of clients ranging from the single practitioner through to large organisations operating on a global basis in a broad range of industry and business sectors.

Our staff has considerable experience in assessing and understanding risk, advising on and designing appropriate cover, negotiating with markets and settling claims.

Dedicated Account Service Personnel

We pride ourselves on a personal service. Unlike our competitors, the person who introduces the account, together with his or her team, manages the account on a day-to-day basis.

This ranges from the simplest of enquiry to the handling of major claims. 

So, when you need assistance you just go straight to people who know and understand your business. There is no wasting time trying to explain who you are and what you do.

Client Risk Review

Whilst we have developed substantial industry sector knowledge we know that no two clients are alike.

Through our best practices procedures we take the time to understand you and your business requirements and your attitude to risk. This risk profile is reviewed regularly.  We identify areas that need attention and then formulate a program to minimise risks. We then work with you to develop your insurer submission such that is it seen by the insurers as a preferred risk.

Our approach to your business is designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs. Through a structured process, we deliver the right outcome when it is needed most.

Insurance Product Design

We consider the policy construction / coverage is critical in developing and arranging an effective insurance program for a client.

Whilst many brokers simply offer an “off-the-shelf” product at a price, we take the time to work with and analyse client requirements and expectations through our client risk profile process to develop and script covers that react accordingly.

Extensive Markets

Unlike some of our competitors, we are not tied to or limited to one insurer or market, or dictated to by a head office as to which insurance market we should use for your insurance program.

With access to both local and overseas markets, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the complex mechanics of products available. Such access and knowledge enables us to place difficult risks often ignored by our counterparts.

The significant benefit of our extensive market access and knowledge is competition manifesting itself through increased cover and pricing.

Claims Outcomes

The only time you know how good your insurance protection is, is at the time of a claim. That is where we pride ourselves on our results.

Throughout our 40 years of operation we have delivered successful claims outcomes for clients ranging from hundreds of dollars to many millions.

Outcomes such as these only occur through the desire to achieve the best for our clients from a structured and considered approach.

At Perrymans we believe successful claims outcomes are the backbone of our service.

Stability of Ownership

Perrymans is an independently-owned business operating for 40 years.

We know that our success depends on yours.