Claims Management & Advice

At Perrymans we see claims management and advice as one of the most important aspects of our service.

Whilst many of our competitors opt to pass this aspect to the insurers to handle, we work with you, the adjusters, legal counsel, insurers and advisors to achieve the right outcome.

Whether it is a professional liability matter or burglary we know the sooner we resolve your claim, the sooner you can get back to business.

The Perrymans system for managing your claims is to:

  • ensure that you are provided with the most efficient and cost-effective claims handling procedures
  • be proactive in managing the process to ensure that all claims are handled in accordance with the priority agreed with you
  • provide all relevant information to keep you up to date on claims progress
  • ensure settlements are in accordance with specification and maximise your claim entitlement
  • explain insurer rationale in the setting of claim estimates and settlements
  • vigorously pursue every possible avenue of recovery
  • not perform as a post office

The bottom line is that Perrymans will deliver a claims management process specifically tailored to your business and your insurance program.