Employment Practices Liability

Australia has seen an increase in claims brought against employers for a wide range of employment practices issues including harassment, discrimination and wrongful dismissal. More than ever, employees are aware of their legal rights, through publicity about cases and awareness of laws that protect them in the workplace. In Australia's increasingly litigious society, employees and prospective employees are more likely to take legal action in relation to their employment, promotion and treatment by employers and colleagues in the workplace.

Allegations can be made (even if ultimately rejected by a Court) which can be costly in terms of time, legal fees and damage to reputation. Where allegations are successful, significant damages can be awarded against the company as well as the individual directors and officers of the company.

A properly structured and considered approach to this risk is a necessity for any business concerned with protecting its assets.

Cover can be arranged on a standalone basis, or alternatively under a Management Liability or Directors and Officers Liability cover.

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