Information Technology Providers and Professionals

The Technology industry plays a significant role and is the backbone of many businesses. Business today is highly reliant on technology: without it many cannot function. So it stands to reason that we rely heavily on the IT industry to deliver services and solutions for us to run effectively.

As a result of this reliance, Technology consultants face considerable risks ranging from faulty work conducted on hardware causing personal injury and property damage and loss of data through to losses arising out of incorrect advice as to system selection. They also risk breach of confidentiality through inadequate security, financial loss arising out of e-commerce transactions, and software failing to comply with agreed functionality.

Needless to say, protection for today’s technology providers and professionals is a must.

Perrymans has considerable experience in this sector and work closely with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of the business exposures. We work with underwriting markets that have knowledge of the sector so that the right protection is secured.