Construction Professionals (Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Other Construction Professionals)

Perrymans has had a long involvement with and considerable experience with Construction Professionals. We have been providing advice to this sector for more than 30 years to our clients ranging from the single operator through to the large local and national operators, consulting both in Australia and overseas.

We have considerable experience in advising and arranging covers from the traditional building sector through manufacturing to the more complex rail, defence, oil, gas, marine and mining sectors.

Suffice to say we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the risks that you face, the contractual liabilities you may be exposed to and the solutions needed to provide you with the right protection.

So whether you are an architect, draftsperson, engineer or surveyor or other construction related professionals, Perrymans will work with you to provide the necessary advice, program structure, marketing and placement of your risks together with the claims service when it is needed most.