Building, Construction and Engineering Contractors

Building, Construction and Engineering Contractors face a range of exposures ranging from simple damage to structures under construction through various occurrences such as fire, water damage and impact; theft of property plant and equipment; delay in project completion; liabilities arising out of workplace injuries; demolition; and asbestos removal.

Our team has been responsible for the design, marketing and placement of construction risk protection programs ranging from the single one-off domestic extension through to major project cover, annual programs and beyond. We understand how you interact with the various construction professionals and the contractual issues and risks you may face so are well placed to advise and develop cover to provide the protection when needed.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry together with our risk review process enables us to advise on the optimum approach.

So whether you are a principal, contractor or sub-contractor Perrymans will work with you to provide the necessary advice, program structure, marketing and placement of your risks together with the claims service when it is needed most.